Asthma Air Pollution

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Define a problem associated with our energy use (from mining coal to burning coal, for example).
Did you know that the average american breaths in about 3,400 gallons of air pollution each day (1)? Thats gross right imagine what that is doing to your body and the affects it could have on you and this is a huge problem that all around the world is facing and the consequences. One problem associated with our energy use is the effect on human health from air pollution from vehicles to coal power plants. Some diseases linked to air pollution are asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder disease, and lung cancer. The people who are most vulnerable to these diseases are young children and the elderly.
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Air pollutants can help trigger asthma attacks. Asthma is growing rapidly that about 1 in 12 kids have asthma and the numbers are growing rapidly. (5) One of the reasons why asthma is growing is air pollution is increasing the amount of people who have asthma. For example, asthma is the highest chronic illness among children under the age of 18 is asthma and about 4.8 million kids in the US alone have asthma (4). One major reason why so many people have asthma are because of air pollutants that can trigger asthma attacks are particulate matter, ground level ozone, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide. Particulate matter is dust particles, soot, fly ash and other particles in the air they come. Particulate matter can trigger asthma because they can get stuck in the lungs therefore, triggering asthma attacks. The major sources of particulate matter are coal power plants, factories, and diesel factories. Another air pollutant that triggers asthma attacks are ground level ozone. Ground level ozone is the toxic component of smog and it makes existing asthma worse. Ground level ozone major sources are from pollution from cars and smoke stacks react with sunlight and oxygen. Sulfur dioxide that aggravates the respiratory system. Sulfur dioxides are produced when coal and crude oil are burned. Nitrogen Oxide is a gas that is emitted from the real pipe of your car and from
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