Asthma Case Study Examples

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CC/HPI: Patient is a 26 year-old female who presents with frequent shortness of breath and wheezing. She reports experiencing shortness of breath 4 times a week and experiences nighttime awakenings twice a month due to her symptoms. Patient claims to use her Flovent inhaler one puff twice a day, less than her prescribed dose due to cost issues, and her rescue inhaler 3 times a week for when her wheezing is severe. Patient also presented with a persistent runny nose and itchy eyes starting 5 weeks prior. Her inhaler technique was assessed and deemed correct.
PMH: Asthma
SH: Patient is single and currently lives with her parents. She consumes 3-4 cups of coffee daily, drinks socially, and denies any tobacco use. She reports beginning a part time job mowing a local football field six weeks ago. Patient is also concerned about cost of medications, as her insurance has high co-pays ($20
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• Avoid pollen, dust mites, strong odors, and smoke
• If possible, keep windows and doors closed, use AC, use hardwood flooring, wash bedding once a week, and minimize animal exposure o Pharmacological

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