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Asthma is a condition and chronic inflammatory disorder of airways that directs to airway obstruction. It is distinguished by airway hypersensitivity to diverse types of stimuli, result to a sudden yet transient constriction of the muscles in the walls of the bronchioles and airways, leading patients to experience wheezing, chest tightness, shortness of breath and cough. Asthmatic attacks can be triggered by extrinsic factors such as allergens, smoke, pollution, mold spores and food, or intrinsic factors such as airway infections, emotional stress, exercise, acid reflux and fatigue. Asthma is one of the common diseases in the Philippines caused by the country’s poor environment. Asthmatic attacks can often be controlled by
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The main focuses of the study are the primary and secondary effect of the selected antihistamine/s on to the subject. The researchers shall use a therapeutic drug as a control. Bromelain will be the primary antihistamine following with quercetin as its adherent. Compatibility between bromelain and quercetin shall be tested in the process.
Each subject will undergo checking, aimed at their initial WBC account. They will be observed for the indications of asthma. Subjects will each apply different sets of antihistamine. First is the application therapeutic drug on the first subject that will serve as a control. The second subject will apply bromelain, and the third will have both bromelain and quercetin. Second WBC count will be performed after. Researchers will then, compared the initial and the latter WBC account and the signs and symptoms confirmed by the rats. This will then, give the in vitro studies.
After comparison of results among the subjects, two that applied bromelain and both bromelain and quercetin shall go through histopathology wherein researchers will observe the effects applied by the antihistamines in
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There is insignificant reaction with the bromelainextract from the pineapple,Anasascomosus,and the laboratory rat with induced asthma.
2. Bromelain cannot enchance the antihistamine property of quercetin extracted from mung beans sprout.
3. There might be an incompatibility between bromelain and quercetin that would have an effect towards the subject.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY Asthma is one of the most common illnesses of the Filipinos. One of the components of anti-asthma drug is the anti-histamine. Using the bromelain as an anti-histamine drug came from natural resources like pineapple juice and pineapple stem. The study shall contribute to the understanding of the said chronic disease. Other researchers can use this study as a supplementation for future research about asthma. Simple information about mung beans and pineapple plants in this study can further manifest community’s practicality for health by using its extract as natural remedies. In this study, the research aims to find if bromelain itself can reduce the asthma attack faster than the generated medicine in the laboratory. With this, we can introduced to the people to use a natural medicine than the generated medicine in the

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