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While I was reading Flowers for Algernon, I was interested to find more out about disabilities, so over the past week I have been researching about asthma. Asthma is a condition causing narrowing of the airways or tubes of the lungs. It is not contagious but you can get it out of nowhere. I have also been having fun with this research, I have got to play a game and I took a quiz I got a ninety percent. In this essay I will tell you what will help stop it, how will I get it and the types of asthma.
Asthma is a condition causing narrowing of the airways or tubes of the lungs. The airways become narrow from tightening of the airway muscles and swelling of airway extra mucus. Airway narrowing makes it hard for people to breathe (“Asthma—Child”
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I also did not know how you get asthma until I played a game that showed me how to help stop the coughing and what starts it, I did not know that the air tubes would swell up I thought they just started to itch on the inside. Inhalers seem hard to use to, they have to push down on this button and then hold your breath for 15 seconds. This would be hard because I seem to have trouble holding my breath for 10 seconds. I was told by one kid that asthma is bad because of how careful you have to be. Now I want to know why I do not have asthma because I 'm always around animals and pollen all the time. When we are working in barns I am around bugs and dust in there too, so now I have a good question to ask my doctor when I see him next. When I read that you can play sports with asthma I thought what if the asthma you have is really bad and you can coughs a lot over it, can you still play?
So as I said earlier Flowers for Algernon started this research and I am glad it did because I really liked it. So if I or someone I know get asthma I will be really happy about doing this research because I know how to handle it. Learning how to use an inhalers might be hard to do at first for me but, I will fight threw it as they say: “what doesn 't kill you makes you stronger”. I hope that they find a cure for asthma because it will help a lot of people, If they do find a cure I know what I am going to read about next. So come on scientist you can do it let 's cure asthma for

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