Astral Travel Experience

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Step 8 on the Bridge is called Astral Travel/Astral Projection.

1) After I experienced many states of mind that were on the negative side of life and were taking a toll on my body, I found an answer and that was projecting my consciousness outside of my head and looking back at myself. During this process, the negative thoughts in my head stopped as there was no energy feeding those thoughts, my energy was outside of myself and I could just watch those thoughts die out.

2) I figured that I found the answer to depression and all those negative states of mind that were affecting so many people in my world. I later looked into this and found a subject called Astral Travel.

3) Astral Travel
I went to a course with my friend called Rachael. It was called Astral travel which
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I went to sleep that night and just as I lay down, I said that I was going to let myself Astral Travel tonight. I woke up at 3:30am and came sliding out of my body, out of the bed and was expecting to fall on the floor, but I didn’t, I just hovered above the floor. I was fully alert and I moved in an upward position and I saw myself lying in bed. I felt great and weightless but panicking at the same time as I was out of my body. I moved over to the bed and did a complete spin, how I was moving was by use of thought. I moved over to the window and I was thinking of going outside but then I thought what if I couldn’t get back into my body and I have all of these stories to tell, my life would have all been a waste. I then moved back over to the bed and I lay on top of my body that was lying there and in a moment I was back in my body. I opened my eyes and jumped up and my heart was racing just realizing what was after happening. I grabbed a drink out of the fridge and I raced up and down the sitting room, trying to comprehend the experience and the possibilities it might have. It was truly an amazing

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