Astronomy Discourse

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pronouns along with the strengths and weaknesses that I possess. In the “Annotated Bibliography: Film Studies and Video Production”, I included the format for an annotated bibliography with the MLA 8th edition citation before the summary paragraph, rhetorical analysis, and genre analysis. In the “Astronomy Discourse Community Examination”, I incorporated interview responses about the 6 aspects of a discourse community into my essay; I included personal experiences and knowledge of the Astronomy discourse community from my interviewee and also included their credibility to the discourse community. When researching for scholarly reviewed article on film, I used the University Library research browser to find academic journals; at first I had done research on magazine articles about Netflix Original Series “Luke Cage”. Later, I realized that these were not fitting for this assignment, I returned to the University Library search base and searched for academic articles…show more content…
I have written formal essays; for example, “My Personal Writing Process”, “Annotated Bibliography: Film Studies and Video Production”, and the group presentation. The two essays are formal because they are course required projects along with the group presentation. Formal essays require a specific format along with specific information. In addition, formal essays also require the writer to submit the best form of their work; the writer must revise and edit their work. Though the personal writing process was a narrative, it still required me to revise and edit before submitting. Some informal styles of writings that I have also written this semester are comments on Writer’s Workshop rough drafts, free writes, and worksheet that you give us during class. The informal styles of writing are more independent; I was allowed to write freely without worrying about having to revise or edit it after. Writer’s Workshops allow me to give
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