Astronomy Vs Muggle Astronomy

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Astronomy changed meanings to me when I became a wizard. As a child I did not have access to magic, my parents were muggles and did not understand the relationship between the stars and magical fields. The night sky was merely a beautiful, explainable mystery. Untouchable in majesty, I would go out at night in our farm house to stare up at the massive sky of stars. My dad showed me the location of Orion 's belt and I never forgot it. As I got older and my letter to Hogwarts arrived I realized that the night sky was not, in fact, solely a natural force. You see, to muggles astronomy is the study of how the objects in space affect natural phenomenon whereas wizarding astronomy is the study of how objects in space affect magic.

In muggle astronomy the moon can affect things like the tide. Knowledge of the universe can change understanding of the chemical makeup of Earth. And understanding of stars and solar fields can show how the Earth moves through the universe and how that can affect humans living on Earth. The seasons, as well, are impacted by the solar system and the muggle studies focus on understanding not only how these things affect Earth but their makeup and how they affect the space around them. Without wizarding astronomers, however, muggles would not know as much as they do today.
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Whether you have a full moon causing a werewolf transformation or specific magical plants only blooming at certain times of the year or with specific alignments of the planets or stars, there are untold affects to the mysteries of the universe. Magic is a part of the natural order and if muggles were capable of studying it, they would include that in their
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