Astrophil And Stella Analysis

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‘‘Astrophil and Stella’’ composed in about 1580s by Sir Philip Sidney is an English sonnet sequence coprising 108 sonnets and 11 songs. Sir Philip Sidney who was a knight in Queen Elizabeth’s court is one of the most well-known Renaissance poets of England. He is supposed to be inspired by his relationship with Lady Penelope whose father is Walter Devereux, the Earl of Essex. According to the story behind the Sidney’s work, Astrophil and Stella, Penelope’s father tried to match between his daugter and Sir Philip Sidney when she was 14, but it did not come true as expected at that time and in the at Penelope was married to Robert Rich in 1581. Nevertheless, the marriage was unhappy from the start, and Sidney continued to have an emotional attachment to her until his death in 1586. Sidney sang the praises of her charm and his affection for her in the series of sonnets collected in Astrophel and Stella. Even though there is no proof that they had an affair, there are many puns suggesting that Stella is based on Lady Rich. For instance, in Sonnet 35, Astrophil says ‘‘long needie Fame/ Doth even grow rich, meaningly my Stellas name’’. As the real…show more content…
Throughout the sonnets, Astrophil handles how he falls madly in love with Stella. As a model of passionate poet and lover with the extensive influence of Petrarch’s love sonnet at that time, Sidney is on the purpose of displaying his own love for Lady Penelope in his work. He wrote Astrophil and Stella centered on representation of the male suffering by passion in the period that poets thought that suffering by passion was an effective method to touch women’s feelings and make them love themselves. In his Sonnet 1, he explains his purpose on writing sonnets and begins to looking for right way of influencing his beloved to express his passion for her with the image of his
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