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Ian Martin, the former Secretary General of Amnesty International, recently observed: "Government... are more often motivated by self-interest than by considerations of humanity, and this provides a further reason for those seeking to combat human rights violations to insist upon the right of asylum."
The word “asylum” is the Latin counterpart of the Greek word “asylon” which means freedom from seizure. Historically, asylum could be referred to as a place of refuge where one could be free from the reach of the pursuer. Sacred places provided to be places of refuge and scholars believe that this concept is as old as humanity itself.
By asylum, we mean shelter and active protection extended to a political refugee from another state by a state which admits him on his request.
Asylum involves two elements:
A shelter which is not more than a temporary refuge.
A degree of active protection on the part of the authorities which have control over the territory of asylum.
The Institute of International Law has defined asylum as, “The protection which a state grants on its territory or in some of her place under the control of its organs to a person who comes to seek it.”
Right to Asylum
According to Article 14(1), of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has a right to seek and enjoy in other countries
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Some other writers say that fugitives should be handed over to the police and asylum should be granted only on humanitarian grounds in case where there is extreme danger to life of the individuals seeking asylum. The Havana Convention of 1928 also prohibits grant of asylum on warships to persons accused of or condemned for crime, subject to

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