Asylum Seekers Research Paper

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Issues of Asylum seekers and refugees
The Australian Human Rights Commission has raised concerns that the system of mandatory detention breaches Australia’s international human rights obligations. For instance, Australia has obligations under article 9(1) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to ensure that no one is subjected to arbitrary detention. However, many asylum seekers have been subjected to prolonged and indefinite detention under Australia’s mandatory detention laws. A Cambodian boy was detained for five and a half years. This can have devastating impacts including the deterioration of mental health as well as the loss of housing, income and position in society, employment and cultural norms. Theses immigration detention centres are often
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ASRC heavily relies on donations and is the largest provider of aid, legal and health services to people seeking asylum in Australia. Since 2001, the ASRC has assisted over 10,000 people seeking asylum, providing 2.5 million hours of free assistance worth more than $200 million.
In Australia, the controversial beliefs about asylum seekers and refugees’ rights has been distorted by myths and misconceptions. Many people believe that it is illegal but it is a human right to seek asylum by boat in Australia (UN Refugee Convention and Australian Migration Act 1958). Also, the majority of asylum seekers are genuine refugees fleeing persecution, torture and violence. Due to the global terrorist attacks, people are terrified that these refugees and asylum seekers will impede the safety of the community.
The different perspectives on the issue of asylum seekers and refugees exist because some people believe that they would potentially threat the safety of the community, whereas others believe that these people are genuinely seeking for
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