Asylum Seekers Should Be Illegal

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My view on immigration is that we should let asylum seekers in, but also we should reallocate money to help those struggling in our own country. We would keep the fence that we have now, to make the people who feel insecure about having an open border feel better. We would limit the amount of people coming in; however, that does not mean that it would be a permanent cap. Considering past laws that banned certain groups of people like the Chinese Exclusions Acts from 1882, 1888, and 1892, people had started to bring anti-American sentiment. If you also look at the arguments against the options of restricting immigration, it talks about how refusing to let asylum seekers in “will fuel anti-American sentiment throughout the world”. But that doesn’t mean we should have open borders because that not only will make already residing Americans feel not secure, but it is an open door to anyone.…show more content…
It is different because while we made laws that discriminated against certain groups and allowed only certain types of people to get into our country easier, more undocumented people came in. For instance, two new recent executive orders by current President, President Donald J. Trump, were blocked. They issued that people should be deported and that seven predominantly muslim countries are banned to come. But he himself said in an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network that he would be prioritizing Christians. The moral of this story is that, people will come to America whether we like it or not. It is just a question of the way they come in is majority undocumented or documented. I’d rather have more documented immigrants than undocumented, so that we can have more of a realistic number of people we need to take care
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