At The Caadian Ball Literary Analysis

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Kaitlyn Coleman
Mr. Edwards
ENGL 2130
9 March 2018
Nature’s Role in Realism Literary naturalism uses raw and natural emotions to express the importance of nature in literature, and it is a branch of realism. Literary naturalists relate humans to their animalistic characteristics. By doing so, the author shows that humans and animals are the same, and a humans ontology is irrelevant. Also, literary naturalism expresses that nature is indifferent and lacks the ability to care. In Chopin’s At the ‘Cadian Ball, Bobinôt refers to a woman’s beauty in relation to her origin, or her natural appearance. In Kate Chopin’s At the ‘Cadian Ball, the author uses nature and the effects it has on the characters, the setting, the narration, and the main theme
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One of the main themes in At the ‘Cadian Ball is forbidden love because Calixta and Alcée natural love each other, but they cannot be together. For example, the author writes, “There is Bobinôt looking for you. You are going to set poor Bobinôt crazy. You’ll marry him someday; hein, Calixta?” (431). Alcée asks Calixta about marrying Bobinôt because he knows that although he and Caixta have a natural love for each other, they cannot be together because of their societal standards. Also, the author writes, “Calixta’s senses were reeling; and they well-nigh left her when she felt Alcée’s lips brush her ear like the touch of a rose” (431). This is yet another example of Calixta’s and Alcée’s forbidden love because they express such strong feelings for each other, but they cannot actually be together. After Bobinôt asks Calixta to kiss him, she says, “I don’t want to kiss you, Bobinôt, not today. Some other time. Bonté divine! ent you satisfied, yet!” (433). At the ‘Cadian Ball uses naturalism to express that although Calixta and Alcée have a true and natural love for one another, it is forbidden by societal…show more content…
A person’s ontology presents a natural sense of who a person is, and demonstrates a person’s true colors. One could argue that literary naturalism represents the most raw and real works of literature that there are. Naturalism is one of the most effective ways of viewing the world because there is no useless information, and everything is natural and real. The flaws in naturalism in relation to At the ‘Cadian Ball, are people’s natural feelings because they cannot control could them and it could potentially affect the character’s for the worse if they were to express these feelings in a sensitive situation. For example, if Calixta and Alcée act on their forbidden love, Clarisse and Bobinôt would be heartbroken. On the other hand, naturalism has advantages because people can appreciate naturalistic things such as beauty and nature. Literary Naturalists use naturalism and realism to express the importance nature has on the world, and the role that it plays is an important
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