At The River I Stand Analysis

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The film At the River I Stand was a very interesting film that went back to the civil rights movement and told the dream that Martin Luther King had and how his dream has come a long way. This film took place in 1968 in Memphis, TN. It focused on how African Americans were excluded out and were paid low wages and worked in poor working conditions. Not only did they go on strike to gain equality, but they also wanted to stand up for what’s right. Being though Martin Luther King was assassinated during this film, African Americans started more riots all over the country to fight for justice. In order for African Americans to earn money, they worked as sanitation workers better known as slaves. As time went on two men that were workers were ran over by a garbage truck and died. Being though they died, 1300 African Americans walked off the job and went on strike. They went on strike because they had enough and they refused to put up with it anymore. King then made a speech and said “We’ve got to give ourselves to this struggle until the end”. What he meant by this was that they cannot give up and if they want change they have to stand up for it. King also believed in a promise land and his goal was to get to the promise land, but he…show more content…
For example, sanitation workers had to carry bags of garbage that had holes in them and since they were paid low wages, they ended up poor on welfare. Not only was this film was a way of seeing another turning point during the civil rights movement but also, African Americans fighting for justice. Even though I was not born during that time, I can understand how they felt because it wasn’t that easy. In today’s society racism isn’t as bad as what it was during that time. Besides we still have times were we face racism in our lives so I would say in some areas racism is still a
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