Atahuallpa's Victory In The Spanish Acquisition

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While the Spanish inquisition was going on back in Spain, a representative of Spain named Pizarro was taking over an entire colony. Pizarro's company of 168 won against Atahuallpa's army of 7,000 using a few advantages other than numbers. Pizarro was going to win all along, because of his Military advances, Atahuallpa’s ignorance, and his use of an ambush. There are many reasons why the Spaniards won in the battle between them and the Inca. Probably the most useful of those reasons would be their military advances. They used horses to their advantage. Horses were fast, maneuverable and terrifying. None of the Inca had ever even seen a horse before so when they came running towards them, they were scared and didn't know what to do. The Spaniards…show more content…
The real reason no one died was their use of an ambush. The Inca had absolutely no clue that the Spanish were prepped and ready for battle. The Spanish sent out one of their priests to talk to Atahuallpa. They talked about religion. But Atahuallpa threw the Bible onto the ground. This set off the priest so he called upon the rest of the 168 Spanish to attack. As Jared Diamond explained “The envoy saw the Spaniards at their most disorganized, told Atahuallpa that they were not fighting men, and that he could tie them all up if given 200 Inca” (79). The Inca lost at least 7,000 men in that battle and it was all because they were being cocky and decided to rush into things not even knowing their military strength. So after all these reasons, the Inca lost their battle against only 168 Spaniards because of their leaders ignorance, the Spaniards military advances, and their use of a very effective ambush. All of these lead to the downfall to the Incan empire. The Spanish came out of nowhere and flanked them without them having any idea what was happening. Atahuallpa rushed into battle without knowing. Plus the Spaniards weaponry and horses. With proper strategic advantages and the right power, you can always win no matter the

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