Atheism In Islam

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Believers usually take for granted the existence of God. Muslim people have the authentic experience in the religion that reaffirms the daily life of Muslims in many parts of the world. However, believing in God as well as the quest for the truth could be a complex factor for other individuals. This is especially in a society, wherein faith is being viewed as something that is considered superstition, fantasy, or even a wishful thinking. This is normal among atheists who do not have the firm belief in God or Allah. In the tradition of Islam, the existence of God is definitely based on the religion 's rational foundations. This includes the meaning, purpose, guidance, and comfort that the Islam provides to the lives of the Muslims. Thus, Quran serves as an inspiration for conviction of the inner life of all human beings. For many Muslims, experience and intuition work hand in hand, along with the logic that helps them in arriving at the Islamic faith. According to Parrot (n.p.), Islam believes in the existence of God in many ways. One is that Muslims believe that God or Allah holds a higher power and that no one on this planet should know that his lord is Allah. Additionally, Islamic religion would respond to the atheists ' claim that the idea of God is…show more content…
Thus, atheism is not a matter of belief saying that God does not exist and it does not answer the other questions pertaining to other people 's belief in God. Atheism is just a mere rejection of different religions ' assertion that God really exists. In fact, many people just do not want to talk about it as they do not have the interest to further understand the religious and historical justifications of God 's existence. Then again, it is important to examine the atheists ' view of other religion 's belief, specifically, the Islamic religion, and provide a balanced argument about the existence of God based from the religion of
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