Atheist In A Foxhole And The Meaning Of Life Analysis

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Life 's meaning is a personal journey: Atheist around the world find consolation in these words, as it is more important to live the life you know, instead of worrying about the one that is not guaranteed. Dr. Ronnegard, the author of this article has found out at the age of 37 that he has stage 4 lung cancer, causing him to look back at his life and wonder, what will he leave behind? The paper explains why living an irrational life is more painful and unnecessary, and claims that the best way live is through the Humanist approach and looking at life subjectively. In Atheist in a Foxhole, Dr. Ronnegard makes two main points; claims of God 's existence or will is due to the fear of death, and the meaning of life is descriptive, not objective. The fear of death makes people irrational and cling to things that don 't make sense, like in John 11:25: "he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." This shows that people are drawn to religion because they want to live forever and if they can be promised that then they can find consolation. Dr. Ronnegard points out that this is not needed for knowing that death is coming for all of us makes us look at life subjectively and makes this life even more important. We must come to terms of our demise and learn to embrace this life because looking at life objectively through a religious lens is a waste of emotion capital. The best way to look at life is with a subjective lens, making friendships, love, and life in

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