Atheistic Alice Monologue

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Oh my, I see. Well then, no, how could I think of you as a mere child when you express yourself so clearly and eloquently? I 'm a bit reminded of Alice from Lewis Carroll 's classic books, reading your little bio there.
Ha, well the closest I get to Alice is twofold, 1. I do have an Alice band in my hair occasionally, 2. my adversary in school debates is affectionately known as “Atheistic Alice”, she is actually very nice and very funny at times, we are only advisories when we are debating against each other, we often do each other’s hair, even borrow each other’s clothes, once she finds out I’m on here she will turn up to make sure I have the hardest time possible lol.

You have a form teacher? Do you go to a private school?

Yes, she is the head of English lit, I do attend a private school, and we have to stand when the teacher enters the room, morning assemblies and uniforms including hats!

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I think the kids who go to the state schools have form teachers in my location, I’m from the UK

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