Athena And Circe In The Odyssey

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Lotus-eaters, Polyphemus, sirens and suitors were all slain and outwitted by Odysseus, King of Ithaca and victorious fighter in the trojan war, but no one ever realizes that Odysseus could never have completed his trials without the help of goddesses, Athena and Circe. Homer’s famous epic, The Odyssey although thousands of years old shows a masculine-feminine balance through the imperative involvement of Athena and Circe in Odysseus' return home. The Odyssey tells the tale of the strong, godlike Odysseus on his voyage home from battle. What people don’t focus on are the women in his life like, Athena and Circe that give him the capability to endure a threatened homelife and the long journey home. Athena has always had a soft spot for Odysseus ; maybe it’s because they are so similar or maybe it’s because she loves homecomings, either way Odysseus couldn’t have reconnected with his family without her. Athena has always been an independent person, and she always gets things done. She exemplifies this strong quality when she tells Zeus that she will help Telemachus, Odysseus' son. She said that “I myself will go to…show more content…
Even though Odysseus is quite the leader, sometimes he needs help from his female peers in order to overcome a threatened homelife and the long journey home. Athena and Circe guide and fight for not only Odysseus' life but also his happiness. Athena helps Odysseus find his son, with whom he kills the suitors and reestablishes his place as king of Ithaca. Circe is Odysseus' secret weapon in the fact that she tells him about the merciless miscreant that he will encounter on his expedition like the sirens, Scylla and Charybdis. Athena and Circe are two of the many people in the Odyssey that make it possible for Odysseus to return to Ithaca. Even though Odysseus wouldn’t admit that he needs help, he wouldn’t have seen his family again if it wasn’t for Athena and
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