Athena By Jean Twenge Analysis

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This article written by Jean Twenge demonstrates the life of a teenager nicknamed Athena and her cellular obsession. Athena states that she spends most of her time with friends and they are all on their phones. When she´s not doing this she is at home, in her room, on her phone. This is how she spent most of her days in the summer. Though it seems miserable, she enjoys it, it 's the only thing she knows. When it comes to the issues in the article, but with the ideas I disagree. It may be biased, but I don 't believe every teenager is like this. Although it 's not a stretch to say we are all addicted to our phones, but it is when you´re saying that 's all we do. This article states that all teens waste their life away on their phone. This is total nonsense, I have never known anyone in all my life who is like that.…show more content…
This article is biased and the ideas and suggestions are false. The issues stated are subjective. I can understand the general consensus on these kind of people, but to say it 's everybody? Incorrect. Twenge´s description of the statistically proven skyrocketed depression rate is accurate and opinions on it are justified. But when she says that iPhones make us all unhappy, I think twice. If anything these cell phones are time consumers and a fun waste of time for us, they don 't make us unhappy, it 's the things that occur using the iPhone that makes us unhappy and that 's by choice. Later in the article, she states that high schoolers now don 't ever go out with friends and stay home all the time. This is an ignorant statement. All high schoolers love to be with friends and be out doing something not wallowing away in their room. These are all my opinions on this article. She says some true things, but for the most part,
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