Athena In Greek Mythology

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Athena is a well known greek goddess, but is she know in any other cultures? No other culture has a goddess of wisdom and battle stragety named Athena, but there are other gods who favor her in certian ways. For example, another god might rule wisdom and writing. Athena is the god of wisdom but not writing. Most of the Mythology around the world have the basic all put together. There are a group of gods that live high above all the mortals on Earth. Many mythologys have their own version of Athena but by diffrent names. Roman mythology is pretty similar. In Roman Mythology there is a named godess named Minerva. She is the goddess of wisdom, medicine, commerce, handicrafts, poetry, the arts in general, and war. In Egyptian mythology there are a few diffrent gods that favor Athena. Seshat is the goddess of knowledge and writing, and Isis is the goddess of wisdom, magic, medicine, and marriage. Both of these…show more content…
Chinese mythology is one of the less consistenet mythologies practiced. There are many diffrent gods of war in chinese mythology. Chi Yu, is one of the main Gods of War in the chinese culture. He was mostly know by being worshiped by military generals and soldiers before going into battle. Chi Yu is known as one of the founding fathers of China. Athena is indeed well know but not as highly worshiped as Chi Yu. Like /shou, she a the godess of wisdom and ,like Chi Yu, she is a godess of war.
Many diffrent mythologies resemble the Greek goddess Athena, but none of them match up to her level perfectly. Athena’s focus is more on protecting the soldiers in battle rather than the other gods who only care about winning the war no matter the cost. Her wisdom is more focused on battle stageties and manuvers then on other information. All though other mythologies my try to be like the Greek godess atena she is truley one of a
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