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(2)My name is Athena, and to the Romans I’m “Minerva”. Speaking of my name, you may have heard people call me “Pallas Athena”. (4)When I was a bit younger, I had a very good friend named Pallas(who was a nymph), and I accidently killed her during a mock battle. (4)I felt absolutely horrible and now I carry her name in honor of her. So, some of you may already know my dad, Zeus, who created me. I had quite an interesting birth. (1)So basically a goddess named Metis married my dad and she got pregnant with me. (1)An oracle of Gaea prophesied that I would overthrow my dad, similar to what happened to his father and grandfather. (1)So my dad swallowed Metis, but then one day he had a headache.(1) My dad ordered Hephaestus to split open his head…show more content…
(3)I like to use smart and strategic tactics of war, because you know what they say, work smarter not harder. But I’m also known for my bravery and strength during war as well. I was also involved in the Trojan War. When Eris threw in a golden apple that said, “To The Fairest” at a wedding, Hera, Aphrodite and I competed for it, but Aphrodite received the apple with her strong bribery with the promise of marriage with the most beautiful lady in the world. The war went on from there and I sided with the Greeks. I actually gave the idea of the wooden horse to Odysseus during the Trojan War. I know right, genius. Anyways, enough about me and the war...actually scratch that let’s talk more about me.(3)My symbols are owls, olive trees, snakes, armor, helmets, and spears.…show more content…
That then carries over to the modern day, for example, if you're a Harry Potter fan, then you know one of the professors at Hogwarts is Professor McGonagall. (5)Her full name is Minerva McGonagall. As you can see, Minerva is my Roman name, and Professor McGonagall is known for her bravery. Another example is Edgar Allen Poe’s iconic poem, “The Raven”. Like I said before, I’m also known to many people, “Pallas Athena”.(5) And in The Raven, Poe mentions me in his poem: "Perched upon a bust of Pallas."

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