Athenian Culture Vs Greek Culture

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Ancient Greek culture is a wonderful culture in world civilization. However, ancient Greek culture is not a single culture, which contains many special cultures in reality. Ancient Greek culture may be best known for the Spartan culture and the Athenian culture. If we can say that the Athenian culture contains the seeds of modern western democratic politics, we also can say that the Spartan culture is an unusual attempt on the national governance, even the shadow of fascism. Education is the foundation of any nations, which means that the way of education determines the future of the nation. In Sparta, every Spartan would be trained to be a soldier of war. According to the research, the government of Sparta was completely responsible for the raising and education of teenagers. They focused on the cultivation of physical quality and obedient thought, however, the development of intelligence and cultural learning would be ignored. What was worse, in order to train teenagers to be fierce, tough and wary soldiers. At that time, stealing, robbing food and fight each other was been encouraged. (Bitros & Karayiannis, 2010) Therefore, in my understanding, Spartan education was militarized, which was a kind of culture for the service of war. In one sense, the culture like this has the shadow of fascism. In that world, war is often difficult to avoid. However, because of cultural differences, different nations have different attitudes towards war and the losers in the war. Sparta,

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