Essay On Ancient Greek Culture

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Ancient Greek culture is a wonderful culture in world civilization. However, ancient Greek culture is not a single culture, which contains many special cultures in reality. Ancient Greek culture may be best known for the Spartan culture and the Athenian culture. If we can say that the Athenian culture contains the seeds of modern western democratic politics, we also can say that the Spartan culture is an unusual attempt on the national governance, even the shadow of fascism.

Education is the foundation of any nations, which means that the way of education determines the future of the nation. In Sparta, every Spartan would be trained to be a soldier of war. According to the research, the government of Sparta was completely responsible for the raising and education of teenagers. They
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“According to several ancient sources, Spartan custom allowed for plural marriage, whereby two or more men might sire children by the same woman.” It is “a way to increase their population” (Scott 2011, p.413-414) From my perspective, a nation that keeps on starting wars cannot be short of population. In other word, birth is no longer a personal right, but only for the national necessity. At the same time, Spartan women had simply been used as tools and the baby factory to give birth to more people. In my opinion, such a special marriage way is similar to the way to enslave helots at the core. Because all of these show that Spartan culture only treated people as tools to win more and more wars.

Although the Spartan culture was almost always awful, we can still find some advantages. In Sparta, the old man who survived of the war means honor and authority, which is a necessary choice for Spartan society, a society that advocate force and look down on culture. (Gilleard, 2007) The respect of the elderly in Sparta is a surprise to me, compared with the contempt of aging in many other
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