Daily Life Of Athenian Men Essay

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Graded Assignment Webquest: Daily Life in Athens and Sparta Based on your findings from the British Museum’s comparisons of the lives of ordinary Athenians and Spartans, answer the questions. First, compare the lives of an Athenian male and a Spartan male. 1. How does the birth of an Athenian male differ from the birth of a Spartan Male? When the Athenian male is born, olive leaves are pinned to the door to announce the birth. These leaves are there to represent success and victory for boys as they are expected to achieve more than girls. If a baby is unwanted, they are often left outside to die unless picked up by others to be raised as slaves. The Spartan male, upon birth, is examined for health and strength by elders and then raised by their…show more content…
The Athenian female is born expecting to be domestic and care and raise a household. 16. Compare the education of an Athenian girl and a Spartan girl. It appears the Spartan girl receives no education and is waited on by slaves her entire life. While the Athenian girl is taught to spin and weave by her mother. 17. Who does all of the household work for Athenians and Spartans? The Athenian woman does all her housework while the Spartans housework is done by slaves. 18. Compare the daily life of Athenian and Spartan girls. The Spartan girl’s life seems leisurely, spending days dancing and running. While the Athenian girl helps to raise her siblings and learns to care for her own household. 19. Compare marriage of an Athenian and Spartan girl. The Spartan girl marries at 18 but is unable to live with her husband until he is 30. The Athenian girl gets married at the age of 14 by a man arranged by her father. 20. Compare the relationship between the state and the individual in Sparta and Athens. In Sparta, the child is educated and cared for by the state, whereas in Athens, there is only 2 years of military service then the adult male is expected to serve on
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