Athletes And Entertainers Get Paid Too Much Essay

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Do you think athletes and entertainers get paid too much? I do not think that athletes and entertainers get paid too much because if they get more money, they will work more harder and inspire more young adults. Athletes should get paid more so that they can be a role model, a parent, and a helper to many people.
First off, athletes and entertainers can become role models to kids, and even adults! Athletes work hard, not only for themselves, but for everyone that looks up to them. Before fame, athletes and entertainers were just like you. They were struggling, doing bad in school, and giving up on hope. When kids see their favorite entertainers/athletes, they will set goals in life. They would work harder to achieve their goals, and learn from mistakes. When I was younger, I wanted to be the next big Beyonce. I started watching her and watching youtube videos of her performing. I started to get my act together and
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Think about Nicki Minaj, she worked at red lobster before she found fame. Also, think about Stephen Curry he actually never got in college scholarships. But guess what they still made no mater who doubted them. Sometimes, if you are luck enough, athletes/entertainers take time out of their work schedule just to start a summer camp. During summer, athletes/entertainers can help you become the next big thing, and help you be seen. They might even show you how the work schedule and everything is. Athletes/entertainers are just like us, but with hope and faith they reached an succeeded and soon you will too. Athletes/entertainers do everything in their power to be known and will always risk anything for their fans. In conclusion, I do not think that athletes/entertainers are being overpaid because they are role models, parents, and they are faithful. Athletes/entertainers has done so much for us, that we don’t even realize it. They risk their marriages and more for
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