Athletes Are Overpaid Essay

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The answer to that question is simple, professional athletes are overpaid. I do not think an athlete that plays a game should be paid any more than a teacher that is raising the next generations. It is a profession, but I do not find it to be as important as most jobs. Emergency medical technicians (EMT) do not even get 15 dollars an hour. They are trying to save people’s lives while a bunch of guys throw around a ball. Unfortunately they do not get paid even close to what an athlete gets paid.
My opinion on this topic is athletes should not be paid as much as they do. I am just going to focus on NBA athletes. The average wage of a professional NBA athlete is a crazy 5.15 million a year. That is significantly different from how much a teacher filling the minds of the children makes. I believe that a person should be paid according to the jobs importance
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Teachers are paid at a range of 36,000-55,000 a year according to U.S News and World report. 55,000 is not even a 4th of what professional athletes get paid. People will argue that sports entertain the whole world and keep us “happy”. People have also argued that we have good teachers to teach our children who are not motivated by money. I don’t think people realize how much effort, time, preparation and dedication a teacher spends outside of the classroom. Teachers will go home and work for another 1-5 hours grading papers and not even get paid to do it. An athlete does “work” off the field by training but that is only for their benefit. It’s insane what society values over what is actually important. Teachers often change the direction a child’s mind is going for the greater good. A teacher has a lasting impact on a child versus an athlete that plays a game for 1-4 hours a day; which doesn’t impact a child other than making them want fame and fortune. Should a child have a good
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