Athletes Get Paid

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Nowadays, famous athletes can earn high salaries because they own a large amount of fans. Some people argue that they are not deserved to get higher wages than professionals in other fields. As to me, I believe that it is unreasonable for successful athletes to earn such a more salaries than other vital professionals. First of all, there are several reasons for this phenomenon. One of the reasons is that, sport stars entertain millions of people. In recent years, watching sport competition on TV has become a popular form of entertainment. People have their favorite teams and athletes, they support their idols and cheer for them. Therefore, if their favorite athletes win the game, they will be happy. Also, sport stars have become topics that people talk about while chatting. They entertain people by training hard and winning the competitions, so they get high paid.…show more content…
Firstly, it causes negative result if athletes earn too much money. Some athletes compete just for money and fame. For instance, some athletes may take drugs in order to win the game. Second, although sport stars make audiences happy, they do not contribute anything to whole society. In other words, world will not be worse without them. Compare to them, professionals in some important fields make a lot of contributions to society. For example, some great scientists invent advance technologies to make our life convenient and efficient. It is not fair for them to earn fewer salaries than famous
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