Athletes Get Paid Too Much Essay

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I think professional athletes get paid too much, I am going to give you three reasons why I think that professional athletes get paid too much. First, this is my reasons why professional athletes get paid too much, they are just playing a sport and other people are risking their life to keep us safe. For example, cops are risking their life for us and don’t get paid enough while athletes are doing something fun. In addition, the athletes are risking their health but, people who are risking their life for our country and nation they are making a quarter of what the athletes are getting paid. Next, people who work hard for their money and they see how easy it is they think what did I do all of that for. Finally, this is just one of my reasons…show more content…
Next, the money that they are getting paid half of that could go to the community for it to make it better. Also, the community is more important than a sport where people having fun running around. Next, people who are homeless don’t have a home or money like the athletes, and some of those homeless are people who have served for our country, fought for our safety and they should get a lifestyle for serving our country just like the athletes. Athletes are just making ads and commercials to get money, people who have done something to help this country should be the ones getting that money. The community is a more important than athletes getting paid over $400,000. This concludes my reasons why I think professional Athletes get paid too much. They are getting paid too much for just playing some sort of entertainment. There are jobs that they have to risk they life for us, like cops they are risking their life for our safety and athletes don’t risk their life cops don’t get paid enough in my opinion. The community is more important and people who have fought for our country that don’t have a lifestyle they deserve a
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