Athletes Performance Enhancing Drugs

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The wise man Knute Rockne once said, “win or lose, do it fairly.” (Rockne). This quote has a lot of meaning when it comes to sports in today’s world. Athletes often try to choose the easy way out or things. For example, some athletes today try to lie about their strengths. This is not something you can tag along with you for long, because eventually your strengths and weaknesses will show. Performance-enhancing therapy and drugs have three major negative effects on athletes which involve an over-advantage, unfairness, and cheating the system of the sport. Drugs and extra therapy is an over-advantage because your muscles build strength more quickly, as appose to an athlete working out without steroids. While steroids are unhealthy and can…show more content…
Maximizing your strength capacity is supposed to take time. Growing at a pace that is too significant is unhealthy and also illegal in sports. Athletes are not aloud to take performance-enhancing drugs to improve their playing skills. This is why athletes that decide to take these drugs are cheaters. The users of such things do not believe this is a negative thing for them to be doing. They only see the side they choose to; it is making them stronger, faster, and more energetic. But society cares because steroid use is a form of cheating. (Walker). Also, for athletes that do not use drugs to “gain”, they get offensive that others cheat to be better than all other athletes that are good and fair to the game. Cheating occurs often with athletes, especially men, and the cheating and disloyalty needs to stop. The use of performance-enhancing drugs that cause over-advantages, unfairness, and cheating to other athletes is becoming more of a problem in the nation today. Furthermore, if athletes do not stop with these drugs or at least create equal rights with the usages, more conflict will occur. The simplest solution is to be fair, do not try to get an advantage over others, and do not cheat. These positive things will not only stop the argument of steroid usage, but also help athletes by making them put in the extra work to get the results their looking for without the use of
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