Athletes Shack Executive Summary

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This report is connection with the request of The Athlete’s Shack (TAS) sporting goods store to go wireless. TAS has grown in popularity and expanded to 10 more stores in the area and now wishes to implement wireless technology to link all the stores through wireless broadband service. In addition, TAS requested installation of WLANs in each store in order to provide its employees with iPads for better customer service. Consequently, Wireless Technology Company (WTC) that supports businesses with concerns involving network preparation and development has hired me for my expertise. My instruction was to create a comprehensive report for TAS explaining the deployment procedures of the project. I conducted a feasibility study to determine the most appropriate wireless broadband service provider to provision TAS branches disparately located in 10 different areas. The result disclosed that Verizon Mobile Office Solutions is the most appropriate ISP that will suffice TAS requirements.…show more content…
Currently, Verizon is the leading ISP amongst its competitors such as AT&T, H2O Wireless, T-Mobile and more. Furthermore, Verizon is the most reliable service provider with unbeatable coverage and the fastest download speed via 4G LTE service. In addition, Verizon also offers a machine to machine router service which can according to their website “Provide uninterrupted connectivity between your main office and smaller branches with a Private IP connection” (Verizon, 2015). Moreover, Cisco AnyConnect VPN client will be utilized to allow remote access to the network. I will further discuss the details of how this proposal would work for the benefit of

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