Athletes Should Get Overpaid Essay

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I don’t know why athletes get paid millions of dollars if they are only entertaining us for a living. Tom Brady made $36 million in one year and Lebron James made $71 million last year. The professional players work, practice extremely hard, but are they worth that much. According, some people think that these athletes are not overpaid. Some Americans will work a full-time job until they are protracted at 70 years old, and they don’t make as much money as Tom Brady makes in a year. People like nurses help them get back into the game when they are injured, but they don’t get paid the athletics do. In my opinion, many athletes are get overpaid, and I have research to show that they do. First and foremost, this jocks play until their 30’s or even 40’s. After their career is over, they wouldn’t have to be contingent or depend on anyone, and they also wouldn’t have to get another job because all of the money they’ve made during their career would hold them a lifetime. Some athletes might say they gave a lot of money to a charity, but on a average they only give about five percent of what…show more content…
She also says that you can not put a price on talent. Many retired athletes have chronic health problems because of how much they work they bodies. Why athletes get the salaries they have is because it is should carry them past the five to fifteen years they are able to play. The amount that athletes get paid are outrageous. They make millions and even a hundred million dollars to play a sport. For instance, people say they are overpaid, but they don’t do anything about it. They just help them by going to their games, and at the end they get some over their money just to see them kick a ball or shoot baskets. Moreover, the problem is that they are getting a larger salary, than people that are risking their life to help
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