Essay On Why Professional Athletes Should Be Paid

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Wouldn't it be amazing if you were making millions of dollars for something that you are passionate about? One athlete is extortionately paid for playing soccer in Europe; this outstanding athlete is Cristiano Ronaldo. He makes approximately 93 million dollars a year for playing soccer, endorsements, and shoe sales. There has been a history that professional athletes have been paid millions of dollars just to play a child’s game. However, when professional teams started to form they were not even getting paid but just playing for fun. Through the years progressed, these sports started to become a popular attraction with many fans. Sports turned into entertainment and the players of the sports got paid an exorbitant amount. These sports continued getting more and more money, and the players kept getting paid more and more each year. Now these athletes are making millions of…show more content…
Since professional athletes are not necessary for a society to function, they should not be paid more than teachers. Teachers should be paid a lot more than they actually do since they are teaching this children who are growing up and helping these students achieve their hopes and dreams. Teachers are actually highly underpaid for what they do. Teachers are basically the map to the future. Another writer insisted in her article, “These Athletes make millions for just playing a game, teachers are working 7 days a week, grading papers and teaching kids new subjects while athletes make millions of dollars for a game…” (“Pro Athletes” 1). These teachers work every year seven days a week to get their students ready for the real world and these professional athletes are just playing a game not helping society at all. Teachers make around $55,000 a year while these athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo is make 93 million dollars a
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