Athletes Should Not Be Allowed In Sports Research Paper

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Should all athletes receive a participation trophy? According to "Trophies For All," athletes are being rewarded with participation trophies. Participation trophies do not give kids the right idea about earning things in the real world. They are also not the best use of ball club's limited amount of money. Additionally, trophies can start to lose their meaning. However, coaches believe participation trophies could be worth a few bucks to bring a smile to kids' faces. No, I do not think all athletes should get a trophy just for showing up. Participation trophies give kids the wrong idea that everything in life is just given to you. If kids want a trophy they should have to work hard and earn one. While I know some kids aren't as skilled as others, it does not mean they are unable to put in an effort to earn an award. It will also mean more to receive the trophy knowing every athlete wasn't just handed one. Furthermore, adults don't get a raise just for showing up to work. It takes hard work, dedication, and preparation.…show more content…
A participation trophy could serve the same use as a pat on the back from a coach, only those are free. The ball club's money could be used on several other bigger and better items such as new gear, better fields, etc. The money could also go to less of a player fee for less blessed youth athletes that still want to be involved in a sport. The point is the money spent on these pointless trophies could serve way better uses. According to several articles ball clubs spend approximately 2-3 thousand dollars a year for participation
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