Athletes Should Not Get Paid Essay

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Does $5.15 million per year sound like a lot? Yes, this is an average NBA basketball players annually wage. This may sound like a lot of money but many people say the military should make this much too. This is not possible. Our military gets paid from tax income of the country. The United States gets $3.7 trillion in income tax. If you divided that among all the soldiers and pay them what pros get paid, this is how much it would be. It would be 7.8063324e+12, that 's a lot. My main three reasons for thinking pros should get paid more than soldiers are not enough money, just as much training, and they get paid from different sources. Athletes get paid from millions of fans ,and military gets paid from the United States defense budget.

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They are not as big as the United States government system of course, but they do not have to pay as many people either. Just think, at one professional football game there is an average 70,000 people. Tickets are average $100. There are average 18,000 at an NBA basketball game. This is one reason they make so much more than military members.

People think that soldiers train much more than athletes. Yes, but no. They may do harder training but that is what they signed up for, right? Athletes train everyday and practice everyday. If you think about it, in college, they have practice everyday. The soldiers train everyday, but do not get paid as much because of their budget. (

In conclusion, soldiers should not deserve as much as athletes. This is for the same reason as it would not be possible to pay them as much as pros. The professional athletes again, should make much more because the government does not have enough to pay our soldiers, they have just as much training, and they get paid from different sources to get paid what they
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