Athlete's Warehouse Case Study

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Provide three strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (each) for Athlete’s Warehouse. Provide a brief, overall evaluation of this organization based on your findings: The Athlete’s ware house Strengths Athletic background: The power brothers have an Athlete background, Colin Power, 30, was educated as a Physical Education teacher, and Ed, 46, was also athletic having played goal for the Grand Falls ANDCOS in the Newfoundland Senior Hockey league to start an athlete business; I believe they are supposed to know who to attract and what to attract them. Experience: Colin and his brother were expertise already in the business as they already had prior experiences, working as the Executive Director of the Grand Falls YMCA, opening their first store called Athlete's Warehouse and 'The Fitness Factory. This would have already provided them with loyal customers and participants, so…show more content…
Notwithstanding, the brother were able to assess the weakness of their competitors and did not believe the manager or the sales staff of their competitors were capable of offering expert assistance with the selection of the goods as they were. Finance: Finance is a big threat to the brothers because to commence their project they need money for their inventories, renovations, leasing and other expense, however the article states their low fund which can really be a huge deal breaker as, Collin doesn’t have a job and doesn’t intend on having one as he is unwilling to work for anyone. During the planning process, they estimated they would need to invest $10,000 in renovations and display racks and about $20,000 inventory (at cost). At present they only had $12,000 of the inventory and other assets that were not
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