Athletic Pubalgia Case Study

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This article is about Athletic pubalgia or sports hernia that mainly occurs in athletes; nevertheless it can affect non-athletes as well. Sports hernia is a syndrome of chronic lower abdomen and groin pain. It is defined as weakness or tearing of the rectus abdominus insertion to the superior pubic ramus. Additionally this article mentions the over the years, this injury has had different names athletic pubalgia, sports hernia, Gilmore’s groin, pubic inguinal pain syndrome and numerous more. Similarly, those names attempt to describe a certain yet misunderstood condition that is not well accepted by general surgeons as real condition which needs surgical intervention. Notwithstanding the lack of research and confusing literature surrounding this condition it is becoming more widely diagnosed and more frequently operated. This article goal is to summarize and present what are the current approaches to this condition.…show more content…
In 1980 O.J Gilmore recognized this and undertook to surgically repair groin disruption in a group most who were soccer players. According to this article disorder of the hip joint, in particular acetabular labral tears, impingement, and injuries to the adductors can be difficult to distinguish from sports hernia they can even coexist. In the light of this, testicular tumors, epididymitis, prostatitis can be factors of chronic groin pain in men. Likewise 80% women affected by groin pain could be affected by endometriosis, ovarian cystic disease, PID, crohn disease. Also to determined whether a patients is suffering from sports hernia imaging testing such as MRI’s has being

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