Athletic Staffing Case Study

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Within this assignment, we have investigated the St. John Fisher’s Athletics Department. Our project group collectively created interview questions that would allow us to analyze the staffing process for a head coaching position within Fisher Athletics. Following the interviews, we analyzed, the job description, the collection of task statements, importance and frequency ratings, dimensions and the KSAOs.

We have decided to keep the names of the interviewees private for the sake of this analysis and therefore we will be referring to our interviewee’s as Coach #1, Coach #2, and the Athletic Director (AD), all of whom are current employees at the college. The Athletic Director will serve as the supervisor and the coaches will serve as the incumbents. As for the interview process,
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John Fisher’s Athletic Department. They provide a platform for each student-athlete to compete and prosper through sports in physical and emotional development. In addition to assisting student-athletes, they must perform their arbitrary roles in recruiting, developing successful teams and staff, and create an efficient and advantageous collegiate athletic…show more content…
John Fisher College currently has 16 head coaches, 1 Athletic Director (AD), and 2 Associate Athletic Directors. The average lifespan for a head coach at Fisher over the last 20 years is about 17.7 years, meaning the turnover rate is very low. The AD has been working for the Cardinals for 30 years this June. When he started, Fisher only had 14 athletic programs, which has expanded quite a bit over the years to meet the demand of the growing amount of student enrollment and popularity of sport. Fisher currently is working on the addition of a Men’s Volleyball team to meet gender equity expectations and their mission to create an environment where student-athletes can cultivate and enhance physical, psychological and social
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