Athletic Trainer Career Papers

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My career goal in the exercise science and wellness field would be becoming an athletic trainer. I enjoy playing and watching sports and have some knowledge about certain things that needs to be done when an injury occurs to an athlete. In ten years, I would expect to see myself working as an athletic trainer at Penn State University. My result of the Kiersey Temperament Sorter does support my career goal because the result showed my personality type is that of an artisan. An artisan has natural ability to excel at jobs that require hands on operations such as an athletic trainer. My program of study at Montgomery College Community College is Exercise Science and Wellness AS. This program is a mixture of general education and ESW courses. Also,…show more content…
Resources that are offered to support my studies are scholarships. For example, NATA offers, “the number of scholarships varies annually (from 50 to 75), with the amount of the award currently $2,300 per scholarship” (Resources). CATS offer, “Seven scholarships, each in the amount of $2,000 for one academic year are awarded to qualifying applicants enrolled full-time at a college or university for the upcoming year” (CATS Family Scholarships). The fees to become a student member of NATA that has BOC certificate is $119 and $85 for students without a BOC certificate. To be a member of the CATS costs $25 per year for athletic trainers. In conclusion, my current courses are giving me a general information of the major that I would be going into and what I should expect to learn in my future courses. It also gives me an idea of possible jobs opportunities that I would have in the future. For my Athletic training goals, my next steps would be to find an internship this summer at a gym, or high school for experience in the
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