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The athletic trainer will teach the participant how to get a moderate workout accomplished with these exercises within the circuit using the given time frame. Each person must do forty minutes of the moderate aerobic circuit workout, but moderate is not the same for every person so it is important for the athletic trainer to help participants monitor their heart rate. Checking heart rate during your treadmill workout can help adjust an individual to the proper speed. Target heart rate is 50 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate. Subtracting individuals age from 220 gives you your maximum heart rate. The athletic coach will show participants how to check their own pulse by pressing their fingers down on their inner wrist, although a heart…show more content…
For example when on a treadmill keeping your earlobes over your shoulders and hips, your shoulders held back and down to keep your upper back flat, your chest slightly curved outward and your head up. Maintaining proper posture during your workouts, as with your daily activities, helps your body move efficiently. (Schmolesky) When in doubt the trained athletic trainer will support the group by telling them things such as:“You can do it”,“This is the first step to a better you”,“Don 't give up”, “ Your almost there ”Simple words of encouragement can be helpful when struggling to finish a workout. (Bell) After the Aerobic circuit work out the participants will clean up and head off to communication class to participate in speeches. These people will now feel a sense of relief not only physically but psychologically, the hormones after exercising give one the same effect as a painkillers. Not only will this group feel less anxiety and relaxed it has been proven that exercise can improve memory and sleep, mood issues. After the 12 week semester is over these individuals will have enough knowledge to handle these issues on their own in future instances when a speech is needed to be

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