Athletic Trainer

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Athletic Trainer
Out of all the year round sports 1 in every 5 athlete gets injured. Athletic trainers help heal these athletes and prevent future injuries. The trainers need to be familiarized with the athletes they are working with and make an annual wage of about $42,000. An athletic trainer is useful for on the spot health care, treatment of muscle and bone injuries, and any other sport care needs.

To become an athletic trainer a bachelors degree from a college or university is required. Master 's degree program are very common in this job area but are not needed to fulfill the career. Both degrees include health and science courses. As an athletic trainer a license is also required. This is applied in most states and includes passing the BOC or another form of exam. A numerous amount of trainers work through a college or university and are most commonly found at educational sites. They usually work full time on evenings and weekends because that is usually when the sports team play or practice (“Athletic Trainers and Exercise Physiologists: Occupational Outlook Handbook:: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics”).
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Qualities such as fast decision making skills, compassion, and very aware of details. If an athlete is injured it is a trainers job to decide what the best way to help them recover would be and look for the small details of the injury. Along with these personal traits the health care worker needs to be compassionate and respectful to the athletes wishes and the care they need to require. The trainer is expected to be able to move quick in an emergency and apply the care in a timely manner. Being able to recognize and evaluate the injury is very important to this career. This will make the athletes life easier and will keep things in an orderly fashion (“Athletic Trainers and Exercise Physiologists: Occupational Outlook Handbook:: U.S. Bureau of Labor
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