Athletic Trainer: The Career Of Athletic Training

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The ability to push others forward with your determination, compassion, skill, and will that’s what it takes to be a real athletic trainer, Do you have it? The career of an athletic trainer is a awesome choice because it gives you the ability to help others thrive, recover, and succeed not only as an athlete but in life. My research will describe the career of a certified athletic trainer and what is required in life to succeed as an professional athletic trainer and the effects it has on society and others lives . The history of an Athletic Trainer can be traced far back in time because us as humans have participated in sports for entertainment since basically forever. The first known book to this date on Athletic Trainer was written all…show more content…
Specifically an athletic trainer is suppose to prevent, diagnose, and treat muscle and bone related injuries and illnesses sustained from any athletic activities such as playing sports, running, exercising, and other physical activities. The specific duties is to initiate and execute techniques to diagnose life threatening and other emergency conditions through the use of standard emergency care procedures. They are also supposed to administer therapeutic treatment using standard procedures to facilitate recovery and performance. Athletic Trainers work hours can vary based on an athlete’s injury. Athletic trainers have been known to work long hours sometimes they can even work 24 hour shifts if that’s what the job calls for. An athletic trainer has to have a flexible lifestyle and has to want to help people because throughout most of their day this is what they will be doing. Long hours and working all throughout the year is what the duties of an Athletic Trainer calls for everyone isn’t built to be a Athletic Trainer most of those who do it enjoy helping others and love the athletic…show more content…
Although most female Athletic Trainers work with female athletes and male trainers work with male athletes. This has been discussed all throughout the world of athletics if a female or male should be able to help the opposite sex and throughout the amatuer level of sports this is prevalent all over but in the professional level there has only been one female to be a Athletic Trainer for a professional sports team, this is a fight that is still in the process of being fought which i believe will be solved throughout time i think more females will want to venture into male sports. There isn’t really a age qualification although you have to have Bachelor 's degree which would mean obviously you would have to be over the age of around 20 so this would be considered a age barrier but that is basically it there are trainers of all ages. If you’re going to be a trainer being in shape would make sense i mean your job is to keep people healthy so it would make sense if you 're healthy yourself. An Athletic Trainer must have a put other people first caring outstanding attitude. Athletic Trainer 's job is to nurse people back to health and most athletic trainers build bonds with their clients this would call for a upbeat caring attitude you really have to have a passion for this job if you 're going to do it. Athletic Trainers a lot of time gain
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