Athletic Trainers Vs Physical Therapist Essay

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Long days of listening, talking, hands-on activities, and lots of paperwork are just a few of the many similarities shared by both physical therapists and athletic trainers. Physical therapist take people with physical disabilities and injuries and help them achieve their highest level of physical activity, while an athletic trainer teaches people how to do exercises the correct way. After completing the Career Inventory test, two careers recommended for me were that of a physical therapist and an athletic trainer. Physical therapist and athletic trainers have similarities in working conditions, skills needed, and education, yet they have differences in job outlook, salary, and job description. Physical therapist and athletic trainer have many similarities between them. To begin, the working conditions for physical therapist and athletic trainers are very similar. Physical therapist and athletic trainers both can work at a variety of places like hospitals, schools, and private clinics. Also,…show more content…
To begin, the job description for both jobs is completely different. Physical therapist are the people you go to if you are physically disabled or if you get injured in a sport, while an athletic trainer is someone who helps you prevent injuries from happening. Secondly, the salary for each occupation varies. According to Career Cruising, physical therapist could earn anywhere from $52,000 to $106,000 a year with an annual income of $74,000, while athletic trainers only make about $26,000 to $65,000 a year with an annual income of only $41,000. Finally, the job outlook for each job is different. For example, physical therapist will have a 34% job increase by the year 2022, where as athletic trainers will only have a 21% job increase by the year 2022. To summarize, physical therapist and athletic trainers differ in their job description, salary, and their job
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