Athletic Training Career

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I have started to look into different careers because I am starting a career path. I have been looking on the site because it is a good site to get information from.

SURVEYS In my basic skills survey my highest scores were in mathematics, reading comprehension , and learning strategies. I believe I scored highly in these categories because they require me to think a little bit more than I usually do in my other classes. This survey was most beneficial because it showed lower skills that I need to work on.

On my career cluster survey I was asked more about my personal traits, qualities, and preferences. I was also asked about activities I like and about school subjects that I’m interested in pursuing. When I finished
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One reason that I chose this career is that I want to be involved in sports if I do not make it in professional sports. Other reasons are that I like to help people with stuff that is bothering them. In the job description on it says that athletic trainers help people figure out how to get better from or avoid injuries and illnesses I think I am qualified to do this because all the injuries and illnesses I have had helped me to learn how to care for different injuries and illnesses.

The annual median wages per hour and year for experienced employees in this job are $27.88 per hour and $57,980 per year. A single person can support themselves with this kind of income they can also do a lot to support a family. Some of the tasks and responsibilities I will have in this job are to evaluate and advise people and athletes on how to care for injuries and illnesses. I will also evaluate an athlete’s ability to play or perform given what is wrong with them, also will provide participation clearances if necessary. In this job I will also give injury helping and injury prevention devices examples are bandages, wraps, and athletic tape. I will instruct coaches, athletes, and parents on how to care for injuries and
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I will be taking classes in food, science honors, and social studies honors. I might take the available welding class. I do not think I am going to take many extra curricular classes or activities. I am going to try out for good grade point average. A good grade point average can help you in finding your way into better colleges.

I am going to try to get a sports scholarship. The reason is that I don’t have time to save for college. I also do not know the amount of college education my career choice requires. Other reasons for me to look for a scholarship is I don’t want to be paying off student debt until I am thirty.


My plan for college is to get a bachelor 's degree in kinesiology and exercise science. The first five colleges and universities recommended for a four year graduates degree are Appalachian state, Brevard, Campbell, Catawba, and Chowan. I think that I will go to Appalachian state because it has a lot of students and that makes me think it has a good kinesiology
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