Athletics Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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I think schools should require athletics that the student chooses for after school programs and recreations because of the following reasons. First, I think athletics are a great way to get connected with people and organizations whether it be through teammates or by the community and local businesses through fund raisers and awareness events and this helps build community and connections. Getting to know your fellow teammates creates a bond that will last even after the last event is over. You also get to meet the families of your knew friends and start building community in the school because of the team. In most athletic activities you find yourself needing money and most schools have fund raisers to help the school not have to pay for all…show more content…
The athletic activities teach the students how to work hard by becoming a more skilled athlete than they were before. Sports especially teach how to work together and how to work for others to make the team as a whole better. Athletics teach these character building skills and this build the individual through the practice of working for something outside of themselves. Without athletics the students might not otherwise learn the practical skills they might need in the future avenue of occupation they might find themselves in. One of the most important reasons for participating in athletics is to have fun; you get to meet new people and build friendships that will last for a long time. The student will learn how to work hard together and learn how to be a good teammate and a good competitor. They will get better in whatever activity they choose to do. They also have the great opportunity to compete at a high level and enjoy something that the athlete loves do and has worked hard for. These are the reasons that schools should make sports necessary for kids to do after school and having fun is the biggest reason to have individuals participate in school

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