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Everybody has an event in their own work life that has been hell, but it makes them a stronger employee. Personally I have had to plan out multiple events while working for the Atlanta Braves, therefore I see that I could fit the requirements for the position of being a marketing manager for the Atlanta Falcons. There is however, one specific event that stands out. Two years ago, the Atlanta Braves were looking to hold a special event closer to the end of the season. The dedication, awareness, and hard work I had for this event is what makes me think I could be the best candidate for this job. My marketing manager came up to my associates and I to tell us that we have been put in charge of increasing ticket sells in the month of September. The Braves did not have the best record in Major League Baseball at the time, therefore tickets are harder to sell towards the end of the year when there is no chance of playoffs. My associates and I took nine days to figure out that we would like to have a guest singer come to the stadium. We had twelve days to pick an artist. Finding an artist is…show more content…
Southern people typically like country music. We looked at ticket sells from past country performers at various stadiums in the south and they grossed higher ticket sells in the 20% range. We chose Sam Hunt based on our budget. There was five days before the performance date and Sam Hunt had still not met with us in person with his agent. Myself and two other co-workers got into a car to drive to Alabama, which is where Sam was at the time, to meet him. My team and I had to have him sign papers as well as go over the whole event. We had a deadline to meet, and if it was not met we would have no performance, low ticket sells for the month, and a very upset management. I worked 182 hours in the month of September to make sure we reached our goal. That proves that I work hard for my job and I will go to any length to get my work
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