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After 11 weeks of working in the lavines I am transferred to work in the infirmary. I attend to the sick patients and try to cure them with the little resources we have. I have no experience in the medical field at all, I’ve decided it is my job to keep spirits up or to help people die in peace. Not many people who walk into the infirmary walk out again, as I stated before there were many selections and the weak simply aren 't strong enough to get well. I’ve seen every injury you could possibly imagine from the common killer, Typhus, to internal mutilation from the experiments. I see death everyday, I see the young and the old move on to a better world. There was one girl who was so afraid of death, she was so young, I told her to close her eyes and rest, I sat next to…show more content…
Pain creeps through different holes until it finds it’s way to you. On one particular day I witnessed a puzzling sight, the Germans being nice. Though we were on the other side of the railroad tracks I could clearly make out a guard and a prisoner interacting without violence. Nazis weren’t allowed to be compassionate of empathetic to us. Another two figures emerge from a car with a red cross on it, they’d come to inspect the camp. This was the prize winning pumpkin of the prisoners, those who were fed decently and were healthy. They were the model of Auschwitz, to show the rest of the world that we were okay, nothing bad was happening to us. If they’d only looked across the tracks. If they looked beyond what was presented they’d see what was really going on! The nazis however will try to do anything to cover it up, to cover all this up, they burnt down Plaszow, they destroyed synagogues, destroyed papers and everything that showed we existed. We were here! My hysterical crying put me to bed each night and the cold brush of death sweeps close and close and each new day

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