Atlantic Island Park Narrative

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It all started when my best friend Sara and I went to the abandoned park known as Atlantic Island Park. it was known as the happiest place on earth, when you first walked in the entrance it was like a line drawn between the real world and the world of whimsy within. Sara and I went inside the park to remember all the good times we had there when we were younger. The park was shut down in 2009 from the owner, john Henderson and the parks mascot Chad the Chipmunk from doing dark and mysterious things. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and have to take medication for it. As we were roaming around the park Sara thought it would be funny to run away. “wait! Don’t leave me here, come back,” I yelled. “come find me,” Sara yelled. I was…show more content…
Henderson was known for having some sort of dark power. He would live off the happiness and joy from the children when they came to the park. But the park got so dark and mysterious when I was there, it was probably from my severe depression. I was so worried I wasn’t going to find Sara; she knows what it does to me. Once I got off the ride I was looking around for her. I saw nothing so I started walking towards the house of horrors, While I was walking I saw something move out from the corner of my eye, me thinking it was Sara I looked. The Ferris wheel was moving all by itself, I thought it was strange because no one else was here besides me and Sara. I thought it was her playing another trick on me so I stood and watched the Ferris wheel get faster and faster. It begun to move so fast the carts started flying off one by one. One of them was flying right towards me, panicked I started running. The cart flew and hit the ground right next to where I had stopped running because I thought I was safe. Then I Heard this blood curdling scream at the top of her lungs come from the house of horrors, I knew it was from Sara. “Sara! Are you ok, please stop messing with me.” I still thought she was playing around but her scream sounded pretty serious. Running into the house I noticed that it wasn’t scary, it looked exactly like my home. As I was walking through everything looked the same as it did in my house. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I saw the door to go out of the
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