Atlantic Ocean Slavery

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The demands of Africa gold gave the European and the American more access to the continent of African. They know every corner and places along the entire African. Gold was becoming more value and price worth had increased. African became a continent of gold likewise slave trade between the European, the American, and the African merchants. Enslaves African might have created wealth for the America and the European, on the other hand led to discriminations, segregations, poor social economic status, racism, and inequality for black people. As the demands of products like tobacco, rice, and cotton increased, American had to come up with an idea of how to exploit millions of African slaves. The Atlantic Ocean became the route of the American to…show more content…
The cruel and remorseless of the slaves’ owners reflects the pattern of the slave ship in both at sea and in the American. The slave’s masters who killed or maltreated their slaves cannot be punished because slave were acknowledged as property with no human right. There were no laws to protect the slaves from abuse or violent act from their master, they were living in a country where the laws worked against them. The needs to return to their motherland led the slaves to battle with temper, outrage, and rebellious, some of them could not or would not adapt to the system. The slaves who tried to escaped had to face serious consequences, sometimes even death. Some had no option but to obey and lives with the unpredictable mood, plus anger of the people who owns them. The slave’s owner believes that violence must be used to get the necessary labor work done. Despite buying slaves from the African merchants ended centuries later, American built a system to make profit from slaves within their states. The end of slavery was a celebration of the antislavery organization but a new beginning of freed slaves who had to live in a country with no foundation or direction to…show more content…
Racism is still exiting and it is a major problem in our modern society today. The system was set up to suppress black people, make them feel less of themselves, and separation from another because they look harmful or suspicious to them. In modern society, American moral and values define freedom, but the foundation was built by slavery which sound confusing and complicated. The history of slavery had collided contemporary society today, also created a group of two societies. The majority of American might argue that they should not be held accountable of their ancestor actions, which make perfect sense, but also needs to understand the system was created against minority groups. The inequalities, less opportunities, and unfair system of injustices of minority group had led to a divided nation. Slavery is a complicated and sensitive topic to talk about in our political correct society, it might invoke feelings of self-disgust, shame, guilt, humiliation, along with embarrassment for some
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