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Endangered Native Atlantic Salmon: Salmon Presentation Project (Not a Final Draft) Salmo salar, most commonly known as Atlantic Salmon, was once native to almost every freshwater river connected to the Hudson River. Due to what people have treated salmon during their history, many species have been endangered and even extinct, this includes the Native Atlantic Salmon. When people first came to Maine, Atlantic Salmon was the main source of food to eat. The population was still very steady then, but it wasn 't until the early 1800’s that populations decreased. European colonists in the Atlantic began massive fishing for fish, and Atlantic Salmon was a common victim of these harvestings. Since then people have been overfishing for salmon, making…show more content…
You’re probably thinking that Atlantic Salmon aren 't endangered, and that you can go eat one at a restaurant or get one at a store. Believe me, you aren 't alone when you think that. In fact, many people have the same misconception about Atlantic Salmon, mostly because they haven 't payed attention or haven 't been educated of this dire situation. Well, the salmon that you see in stores are either different types of salmon, or farm raised Atlantic Salmon. The farm raised are different than wild because those are supposed to be raised, then sold to be eaten. It could even be just another type of salmon, like Sockeye Salmon, Pink Salmon, or Chinook…show more content…
Many differences separate Pacific Coast and Native Atlantic Salmon, other than the fact that Pacific Salmon live in the Pacific region and Atlantic salmon live in the Atlantic region. When talking about scientific names, Pacific Salmon have oncorhynchus as a genus, while Atlantic Salmon have salar as a genus. When talking about spawning, Pacific Salmon are semelparous, or can die immediately, Atlantic Salmon on the other hand, can have a 5% chance of living after spawning, we call this iteroparous. Lastly, Atlantic Salmon is only one type of salmon, but Pacific 's vary from Sockeye Salmon to Coho Salmon. Both though are endangered and need help to

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