Atlantic Slave Trade's Negative Effects On African Society

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The Atlantic Slave Trade occurred from the 15th through 19th centuries across the Atlantic Ocean. The trade consisted of African peoples, and by force and violence, slave traders took them across the Atlantic Ocean and into other continents. The Atlantic Slave Trade had powerful negative impacts on African society: The trading process was brutal to everyone involved, the population decreased and their culture crumbled. The economical system became inflicted, and a power struggle formed, leaving enormous holes in African society.
The Atlantic Slave Trade was between the 15th and 19th centuries. Africans were taken from their homes and families. They traveled to other continents, across the Atlantic Ocean, Red Sea and the Arabian Sea. About twelve and a half million people were captured and taken from their homes. Previously, life for Africans was similar to any other society: their society had artisans, musicians, farmers, priests, and craftsmen. Art was being produced and culture was expressed. African elites had been in power and functioned in the local economy.
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Without people culture does not exist. Throughout the trade millions of people were taken from Africa. Africa represented eighteen percent of the world’s population in 1600, then in 1900, Africa represented only six percent of the world’s population. That is a decline of Africa’s population by two thirds. This is equivalent to every two out of three people in Africa’s entirety, were seized and removed for their continent. Due to the two thirds of Africa missing, there was intense levels of culture depletion. Also, as a result of the loss of so many skilled workers, artisans, traders and philosophers, did not just slow down economics but also the culture. This slowed down the growth and development of Africa almost to a halt. Especially considering the fact that many children were captured, the children could no longer spread the culture to future generations.

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