Atlas Of Curse Places Analysis

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The Atlas of Cursed Places; Deadman Anchor by K.R. Coleman by K.R. Coleman is a young adult fiction and sports and recreation. The main characters are Kendal Gibson, Augie Doggie, and Jeremy Jacobs, Kendal went on a trip with her father but she did not want to go because they did not get along. Kendal's father, Augie Doggie, August Gibson, or Captain Gibson wanted to go on the trip, but he is very impatient and was in the Navy Seals with Jeremy. Jeremy Jacobs the tour guide that is helping Kendal and her father up the summit was in the Navy Seals with Captain Gibson. They were from Washington D.C. and then Mount Hoods. This report tells about Kendal’s fear of the summit. Kendal was really scared so how did she get deal with this?. Was it a dangerous climb or was it really easy?. Did Kendal and the others get down safely or not?.…show more content…
Before that Kendal’s mother thought it would be a good idea for Kendal and her father to go on this trip because they did not get along well. They were on their way to their plane that would take them to Mount Hood. Kendal made them a little late so the plane did not take off on time. Kendal did not want to go once she heard the captain say there was going to be a little turbulence. They were bouncing up and down side to side and all around. When they finally landed near Mount Hood, they went to rent a car to take them to the base of the mountain. The woman wou rented the cars froze and looked like she saw a ghost when Kendal’s dad said he wanted to go to Mount Hood. When they got outside the father said, “ ‘Come on kid ,’ her father said holding the keys in his hand. “You look like you need some fresh air.’ ” (Colman
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